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Smart ways to save when traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, as much as you want to buy everything your eye lands on, sadly you can’t. Aside from the fact that they are overpriced, you have a limited budget. It does feel disappointing if you can’t fully enjoy your trip due to budget constraints, but that should not stop you from having fun in your vacation. So here are some ways to save when traveling abroad while also making the most out of it.

Open a Multi-currency Bank Account

With multi-currency bank accounts, you can easily transfer your funds from one currency to another without having to queue up in a money exchange center and waste both your time and money. The fastest way to move money from one country to another, in a secure fashion, is to use an international wire transfer. An instant transfer is a convenient way to make payments abroad. Many online banking applications offer these services such as Paypal, Transferwise, and Paxum. With only a minimal fee, you can easily transfer money and have it immediately exchanged to your desired denomination.

Visit during Off-season

If you visit during peak season dates, most probably the cost of goods in the country you are visiting will be at its peak, too. If you don’t plan on passing by big crowds, avoid visiting the capital or the tourist spot. You can try visiting the hidden gems of the country you are visiting and mingle with locals. They can redirect you to cheaper food places and untouched places with a scenic view. During off-season, most prices are back to normal prices, so you can have as much food or trinkets without having to spend so much.

Buy less

Simpler said than done. Especially if you have many friends and family back home, it gets tempting to buy each one of them a memento from your trip. However, you do not owe them an item especially if you are traveling on a budget. Just buy the necessities, like products only exclusively available in that country, or items that you can use for a long time that reminds you of the country you visited. Just be careful of the weight of the items you buy in order to avoid any additional fees if you use an extra baggage or exceed the baggage weight limit.

Book activities and venues ahead of time

With prices of commodities rising, it is no doubt that price of other activities get high, too. Aside from rising prices, hotels and tours usually get fully booked early on during the peak season. Booking ahead of time saves you not only money, but also your time. You do not need to panic at the last minute looking for available hotels and open activities. What you only have to do is just attend and have fun.

In conclusion

Traveling on a budget feels restrictive, but it is no reason to not enjoy it. Do not let your lack of resources stop you from having fun. Many travelers still enjoy their trips while also saving a lot of money. So pack up your bags, and get traveling!

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